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Professional Tank Cleaning & Sandblasting, Inc.

Atlantic States
3160 NE 3rd Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33334, USA
954 325-8338
954 533-1135
954 533-1013
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Professional Tank Cleaning & Sandblasting specializes in advanced surface preparation and preservation services for the marine, commercial, and industrial markets. We offer a complete spectrum of technologically advanced approaches to solving our clients’ project needs on time. Our proven track record makes us a leader in the South Florida market for coating removal and application, on both land and sea. The most critical part of the coating system process is surface cleanliness. Our custom designed vacuum trucks are equipped with high pressure steam cleaners which will inject the chemicals suitable for cleaning the job at hand. These high volume trucks are also equipped with multi-person cleaning capabilities. Our new, state-of-the-art grit blast and recovery equipment allows us to eliminate contaminants associated with older equipment and out-dated methods. Our technicians are specially trained to properly apply each protective coating application using the proper spraying equipment for the job, guaranteeing long-lasting protection from corrosion. 100% Customer Satisfaction We have established our reputation by providing 100% customer satisfaction. We work with the leading coating and paint manufacturers using the most current materials and techniques to provide applications tailored to meet the needs of our clients and ensure that our clients benefit from quality craftsmanship and products. At Professional Tank Cleaning, Inc., we pride ourselves on being qualified professionals working with the objective of completing each project for our clients within budget, on time, to the correct specifications. In addition to our main services, we provide a range of other related services as well, including: Tank Cleaning- High Pressure Steam Cleaning, Degreasing & Sludge Removal Abrasive Blasting- Silica Sand, Black Beauty, Soda & Steel Grit Spray Applied Tank Linings & Industrial Coating Application- 100% Solids Epoxies, Polyureas & Polyurethanes Concrete Restoration & Crack Injection Filter Tanks- Media Replacement & Under Drain Systems Tower Packing Replacement and Cleaning Industrial Vacuum & Vacuum Truck Services
Alex Pellerito, Pres
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