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Alaska United Fiber System / GCI

Alaska/West Coast
5151A Fairbanks St, Anchorage, AK, 99503, USA
907 868-5555
888 442-8662
907 868-8580
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Alaska United is a high capacity diversely routed ring protected fiber optic communication network connecting Alaska’s major population centers with the lower 48 states. The system utilizes optical amplification allowing flexible capacity expansion through the life of the system. The submarine portions where installed with state-of-the-art burial and laying technique by industry leaders. The cable is buried from the cable landing stations to a water depth of 4,900 ft where possible to avoid external aggressions. The networks diversely routed SONET ring architecture provides the highest availability and security of any commercial communication system for the state of Alaska. GCI owns and maintains high capacity submarine fiber-optic cable systems linking Alaska to the world. By avoiding bottom operations and anchoring in the vicinity of the cable routes, you can prevent outages, as well as damage or loss of your bottom gear. If you are believed to be entangled, or believe your gear may have come in contact with a submarine cable please report the incident by calling us.
Greg Wilt, Mgr
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